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Culture in Our City

In the Globe and Mail today they are reporting on an exhibit that is opening this week at London's Tate: Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis. "The show is based on the thesis that at different times and places, the energy of the modern metropolis peaked to produce a cultural explosion in which art, architecture, cinema, dance, fashion, music and theatre flourished" The cities they are covering are Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Rio de Janerio, Lagos, New York, Bombay, Tokyo and London. It would be a great show to see, but even without seeing it one can ponder over when our turn might come.

In the next couple of weeks we, in this community, are going to have a Winter Carnival, The Mikado on at Confederation Centre, and the East Coast Music Awards{ECMA}. For February that is a lot of culture, but when you look at the issues that the show at the Tate is covering we have a long way to go. AND we are not going to make it until we begin to recognize what rich resources we have to work with AND we begin working together. I am prompted to begin holding my dream of "A Grand Provincial Cultural Exhibition" on the net.There is much to be shared.

Written Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 05:39 PM

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