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Return from the West

It is always an extrordinary privilege to travel from one side of this country to another and I did that again just over forty eight hours ago with my dog Nellie. Christmas with family is very special but there is an added touch when you must travel to do it AND when you can, in another part of this country, bring together friends to share your special time. That is what happened to me in the last four weeks. It was a holiday that I will not forget easily, nor do I ever want to. I'll share more with you later, but right now Nellie and I are becoming accustomed to a dramatic change in climate. To leave snowdrops and merging cherry blossoms in Victoria to come home to a yard full of snow - and I mean a yard full of snow - is quite extrordinary. Poor Nellie has been seen on Charlottetown streets with her new coat on - a very embrassing position for both of us. The problem is that Nellie did come home "different". One day, one sister took her to be groomed and that ended in her being shorn [mainly because I was not brushing her like I should have been] and having then to acquire a coat to keep her warm even in the Victoria climate and, as if that was not enough, another sister took her to be spayed. They also got my hair cut. At that point I said that was it!

It is amazing that when you are as old as I am, that you can have so many wonderful contacts in a city so far away from your daily life. Victoria offered that opportunity to the enjoyment of all of us - Ex-Islanders, friends from Heritage Canada days and The Confederation Centre Of The Arts and my sisters friends that I enjoy so much. Special, too, were the two Macdonald girls - Jean Isabelle and Kathy - from Inkerman days that came for an overnight to our great enjoyment. Also I attended a Newfoundland Picnic - that was fifteen dogs in number! - and enjoyed every day a glorious view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and all that means in shipping. Those things only added to the specialness of it all as if it needed more. Happy New Year to all.

Written Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 05:38 PM

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