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Like good Christians anywhere people are saying that this winter we are going to pay for the last two easy ones even tho' that seems to be against the grain of the Greenhouse Groupies. Even though weather isn't high on my priority list as I do my research, it is naturally difficult to read Island newspapers without "running into it". December 10th 1941 the newspaper was reporting that snow plows were bucking nine foot drifts of snow on the Charlottetown-Summerside highway and a hundred years before there had hardly been a day in December without a fall of snow and "never in the recollection of the oldest inhabitant has there been so much on the ground so early in the season ... and the harbour is now completely frozen over" that was from a December 20th 1842 newspaper. But just in case you think ah,ha Globel Warming on January 18, 1932 the signs of spring were so strong that there was fresh green grass, daisies and mayflowers around and the S.S.Hillsboro was still running to Southport - later than only one exception and that was in 1892 when she ran until February 4th!!!! Oh well, lets wait to see whats a head.

Written Wednesday, December 06, 2000 at 12:36 AM

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