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November the 30th

Lucy Maud Montgomery and Marc Gallant share this birth day. My birthday book says of those born on this date "Humor, a vivacious, fun-loving nature, deep feelings and enthusiasm for doing everything well are the keynotes to people born on this day". I'm not sure of LMM, but I know that one of Marc's favorite statements was "It's so good to laugh" And laugh we did, with him and at him. Its time we began celebrating his birthday again. He would like that.

Although it was not exactly planned this way I got a very fine LMM birthday gift today from my friend Deirdre Kessler; their CD-ROM on Montgomery called "The Bend In The Road". I will be a proud owner. So to celebrate LMM's birthday Islanders, here and there, should join in singing The Island Hymn:

Fair Island of the sea, We raise our songs to thee The bright and blest; Loyally now we stand As brothers, hand in hand, And sing God save the land We love the best

Upon our princely Isle May kindest fortune smile In coming years; Peace and prosperity In all her borders be, From every evil free. And weakling fears.

Prince Edward Isle, to thee Our hearts shall faithful be Where'er we dwell; Forever may we stand As brothers, hand in hand, And sing God save the land We love so well.

Written Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 10:14 PM

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