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Fine Art Excitement

My friend Dental Don called me from New York today with a challenge to find about $200,000 American so we could buy a Benjamin West work Death Of General Wolfe that is coming up for auction tomorrow at Phillips Auction House in New York. He'll be there we can be sure of that. This is the popular work that has been reproduced many times. It would be a very exciting work to add it to the Confederation Centre Collection and that's what Don, a fellow Collection Committee person, was thinking of...and we both agreed it would be a more lasting addition to our community that the present Christmas light show that is costing a lot more than that. Our surveyor-general of the Island, Samuel Holland was with General Wolfe in the campaign against Quebec in 1759 and it has been said that The General gave Holland his set of pistols. Just a interesting link. Well maybe the National Gallery is following the sale and the painting may come to Canada one way or another

Written Monday, November 27, 2000 at 11:32 PM

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