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Politicians and The Arts

It is amazing how we are half way along in the Federal Election process we have heard so little about the arts and the historical depth of this wonderful country. Even Enviroment is being ignored. I know its in the minds of some of these people so whats bothers me is that it seems to them to be such an unpopular notion - an untouchable. They know better, at least some of them do. Health is important but for heaven sake music, literature, genealogy and the familiarity of our preserved communities keep a people comforted - and healthier. Think about it. I come from a family of three generations of health care workers - our own home always had somebody coming and going with some need or other, but maybe in spite of that or because of it I believe busy people caring for things outside themselves are healthier people. The arts are a perfect distraction. May our politicians deeply understand that. Our parnoid selfs have for years now hid behing "tourism" as an excuse for supporting the arts and history in our communities. Heaven forbid that be have to prostitute our cause under the quise of "health" to continue government support. It sounds that way in this election. Don't forget to vote.(more later)

Written Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 02:19 PM

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