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Andrew Collard

Last week Mr. Collard passed away. He was a fixture on the Montreal newspaper and heritage scene for many, many years. His writtings in the Montreal Gazette must surely have made the preservation of the old town so much easier. He was the one who wrote the only [I think] existing biography of Sir. William MacDonald. He did a lot of things. He was a very small man - small boned and small in in stature, delicate I think, but he lived to be well along in his eighties. It was because of a time he spent researching in England that Canada got one of its most important books "19th Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada". It was his wife who wrote that book [she was small, too]and she began her research in London when she was there with him. We met them both when we [Irene Rogers and I] attended the 1973 Symposium "The Golden Age of France and England and Their Influence on Early Canada" in Toronto. Elizabeth Collard spoke at that and I don't believe in all our travels that we heard anyone who was so good...that is on a subject in the social history field. I have always regreted that we were not able to bring them both to PEI to talk to us.We need more people like them.

Written Wednesday, September 13, 2000 at 12:55 PM

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