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Standard Of Living

Last week the media announced a news item released by Industry Canada. It was a grading of Standard of Living in the country and comparing it to the USA. All I can say is if our Country takes serious note of this item we are in trouble. We are probably in trouble anyway, if we have ecomonists sitting somewhere collecting this data and making decisions based on it. The news item begs the question "What makes a Standard of Living"? Oh, I forgot to say the the lead story on this issue was that Prince Edward Island has the lowest Standard of Living in all of Canada and The USA!!!! You can lose confidence in yourself with that kind of headline...if you believed it.

This summer Prince Edward Island looks magnificant. I have had the pleasure of touring some first visit-to-the-island people around and they simply can't believe it. Houses well maintained, gardens glorious, safe place, clean, friendly, rich in history, etc.,etc.. What more can you ask for and this from the place with lowest standard of living?

Lets look deeper and take for example someone who really takes advantage of all this little Island has to offer. Land that with little effort you can grow enough for a family to eat and preserve, wild things all around that add spice to life like chanterelles, blueberries as well as wild strawberries and raspberries, fiddleheads in the spring, fish in the brooks, wild apples and elderberry - need I go on? And many, who no doubt put our stats down, can live in a house completely heated by wood they would cut in their own woodlot. Add value of life and beauty and quietness to that equation and you make those statisticians look even worst. Please God don't let Government and Hotshots make decisions based on news items like this and spoil what is truly a Standard Of Living.

Written Wednesday, August 09, 2000 at 12:59 PM

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