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Happy Birthday Pierre Berton

Pierre Berton is a large man with a big heart, a lot of arrogance with good reason and dedicated to a cause that he holds dear; that of caring deeply for this country and wanting all Canadians to feel emotional about it.

He is a shy man, with a funny sense of humor. He has a wife who is connected to Island MacLeods from down Belfast way and that has not hurt him at all. He has a close family and I am sure his birthday party was one great event.

He has an honourary degree from UPEI and for over ten years he was a governor of Heritage Canada. His reputation as a Canadian Icon held that organization in very good stead. When he feels emotional about anything he booms, he hits the table, he demands attention. It was generous of him to give that organization as much time as he did and I learned much the four years I spend on the board with him.

Happy Birthday Pierre!

Written Wednesday, July 19, 2000 at 12:07 AM

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