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The Hillsborough River

The Hillsborough River many times referred to as the East River [which isn't very distinctive] is our St. Lawrence. It was our main settlement river from the very first. The Acadian History is very rich on the river and then we have the Scotch, the English, the Irish and more recently The Dutch. If you recognize that Charlotte Town is also on the river [as you should] you immediately add all that government, custom port, Lebanese history, Fathers' of Confederation and market "stuff" to the story. A few years ago the river was designated as a Canadian Heritage River and that confirms its importance. How we develop the land along its shores and protect its important resources are all part of moving along into the future. I hope we will be blessed by thoughtful planning - particularly since my place of solace over looks this gentle river and worries me......Oh dear Dick Hurst pointed out to me that even though there likely was a lot of SCOTCH on the Hillsborough River It was the Scots who were one of the prime settlers there. It must have been close to the cocktail hour! By the way Hillsborough River Day will be held again this summer and also there will be a meeting sometime soon on the Railway Bridge there at Mount Stewart and how it should be dealt with. After that flood last winter it seems to be causing a lot of concern. My dear friend the Fishers from Cranberry Wharf and Scotchford are having a big family reunion this summer. Talk about history of the river!

Written Saturday, April 22, 2000 at 06:32 PM

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