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A Suzie Knickerbooker report on the State Dinner

Well it was quite the event with over 600 people in attendence. The theme was "A Ray of Sunshine on Our Island". In addition to the leaders of our Island, prominent politicians of all stripes, both active and retired, attended, including former Lieutenant Governor Marion Read and Helen McPhail (who entertained the Prince in 1987 when her husband Lloyd was Lieutenant Governor), all the Honours of Canada people, and even a number of UPEI Doctors along with President Wade McLauchlin looking dashing in a kilt I suppose of McLauchlin plaid [with a good pair of legs to go with it].

There were farmers and mussel growers and lots of people who are good Island volunteers along with all the leading bureaucrats. The dress was described as black tie or business suit, long dress or cocktail dress so the dress watchers had lots to look at, but generally speaking Islanders came out in fine style.

Yours truly had on a fifteen year old cocktail dress that needed a bit of adjustment around the waist, but otherwise fit in perfectly alright until the sauce from the Beef Wellington landed on the front. The napkins were large and the water in the glasses perfectly clean and cold so I was able to deal with the matter fairly well.

The Delta Prince Edward put on a great show. 600 Beef Wellingtons would tax most kitchens but mine was fine and rare, so hats off to them. The decorations, menu and such things where planned by a communications firm in Montreal on contract with Canadian Heritage. They were good. They chose those wonderful Fathers of Confederation by folk artist Bradford Naugler [from the Confederation Centre Art Gallery] for the background for the lectern. You have to be happy when they are around. The flowers were arranged by our friend Alan Preston. Roses of Island soil colour called Leonida, with blue monks hood yellow grebera daisies and white snapdragons - they were so pretty.

The menus were in an octagonal shaped folded case and the colours were Island and on the cover of the menu was a small Island red clay pottery disc with the Prince's coat of arms [I think] on it on gold ribbon on green cover. David Nicholson was the master of ceremonies and our Solicitor General was looking dashing and acted the part as well. The Count and Countess entered to the bagpipes played by our own Scott MacAulay.

Written Wednesday, July 19, 2000 at 11:40 AM

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