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The Boston States and Back

Well after about 4000k my sister Mary Clair, dog Nellie and myself are back from our trip around New England. We left in my car that Mary Claire had cleaned throughly and packed neatly. I continually apologized for not having air conditioning, that is until we got to the St. John area when the sun started to bother us and Mary Claire began working the vent buttons. After various efforts to balance the air, she asked what the button with A/C on it meant. I said i didn't know and she said that on HER car it meant "Air Conditioning" well that's what it was. I've had the car three years - how was I to know? We visited many dear friends some I had not seen for some time - girls I lived at a dorm with in Boston in the 50's. It is interesting to look at small town America and recognize that some towns do have more caring municipal governments than others. Generally there is more respect for older buildings and a lot more for trees. They are building the most fabulous suspension bridge in Boston that will be will worth a look when it is finished. Traffic is no better and there is a lot of driving one-to-a-car. Where will it end? We returned on The Cat from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth and that was a good experience. Everthing at home was well, but the grass had not stopped growing of course. It's good to see new things.

Written Sunday, July 02, 2000 at 10:49 AM

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