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Our Landscape

This morning I was up by 6 o'clock and listening to the CBC. I heard Barbara Bailey from North Lake speaking with concern about the building of a fish plant right in the middle of that wonderous North Lake Vista. My heart went sad. People will say that she was crying about "her backyard" in the way they do when some of us bring up very deep landscape or development concerns BUT she is right. Not nearly enough time , energy and wisdom get put in place when we are locating lasting buildings. The perfect example is the plant they build up on the Souris Bluff behind the Souris Lighthouse. Now when you come over the Souris West hill with your breath held waiting for that glorious view you have to squint to see the Lighthouse - its whiteness silhouettes now against a metal white potato chip plant instead of against the blue sky. Yes we can plant trees and it would help, but thoughfulness of landscape and that famous Island Vista would have been better. So Barbara go to work and try to convince your community that they do have something special that must be protected and we will all thank you. P.S. After hearing the responses to the Public Meeting onm this issue and on discussing it with a few people I recognize how quickly people jump to the consultion that good design and job creation are in conflict or that we can put up with BAD for the sake of jobs. That is tje problem. We can have good design and careful placing of buildings and have JOBS too. It just takes awarness and good planning.

Written Thursday, June 01, 2000 at 01:45 PM

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