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Council meeting

At the May 8th meeting of Charlottetown City Council, considerable discussion occured around an application for a 150-170 seat restaurant in the old Macdonald Rowe warehouse back of Peakes Quay.

The motion to go to yet another public meeting was rejected 6 to 3. The debate centred around impact on neighbourhood, numbers of applications coming forth, who the users are, number of policemen etc.

Councillor Mike Duffy, chair of Town planning and Councillor Kathleen Casey a member of same, both argued for the public meeting. Kathleen spoke on the beauty of the waterfront for development and asked for fairness for the developer and Mike Duffy argued for the same thing and for better policing and noted, in fairness to the developer, that "times are changing and I think an airing of the issue would satisfy a lot of folk".

Councillor Clifford Lee stood for rejecting another public meeting. He said they had heard the veiws of the residents often enough to know what they wanted. "When the Zoning and Development By Law was written, it came to Council originally that we should take the whole area and rezone it all either comercial or office comercial and Council said no. It is a CDA Zone. We want to be able to maintain control of what happens ... We said there was a plan. The building is allowed to be used as a retail space. That is all I am asking Council to do is to stick with the plan that is in place". So spoke Councillor Lee.

There is no doubt that an overall view of the waterfront has to be put forward again. As Kathleen Casey said there is a lot more land and the dreamers are out there and the applications are going to keep coming. The overall vision must be shaped and we must all be part of it!

Written Saturday, May 27, 2000 at 04:43 PM

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