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A Streetscape Design

Back in February 1999, The CADC and Capital Commission received a commissioned study from Ekistics Planning and Design in Dartmouth. In the study there are a number of fine suggestions for streetscape improvements, some toning down of street parking and generally, a diection for creating a more pedisterian friendly space. The area addressed is from Queen to Prince Street, from Water to Grafton and then out University to Euston. I'd like to see this long overdue effort address the full 500 Lot area from Euston to the Waterfront. After all, we are really a small space and any fabricated lines of demarcation are meaningless in our context ... and there are so many fine streetscapes throughout the larger area, to say nothing of spaces around our four wonderful squares. Someone from one of these organiztions is coming to our residents' meeting to share their plan with us. I am sure we will all learn a great deal.

Written Thursday, May 25, 2000 at 02:00 PM

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