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Our Downtown Liquor Store

At the meeting of the Downtown Residents, a number of people pointed out the need for an upgraded liquor store in the downtown. It has always been said that sales are high in the existing store and it certainly is conveniently located for people who have a belief in pedesterian amenities. It is also an important summer asset for our friends who come to visit [I'm trying not to use the word tourist]. I spoke to the CEO of the PEI Liquor Commission, Wayne MacDougal and he has said that they are "looking" at that store and that our imput would be useful. So we had better get our thoughts together and talk about our needs, the location, the design etc. Have you ever noticed the outlines of the old building, that use to be there, are still showing on the walls of the adjacent buildings? Shape looks good to me. The Chair of the board is Mac MacDonald if you want to write directly. I think it is a case of the time being right.

Written Thursday, May 25, 2000 at 01:22 PM

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