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Wood Lots

Nothing is knew under the sun and certainly not when it comes to our treatment of our wood lots. In the 1941 Guardians there have been a series of articles on woodlots by a man by the name of H.D.Long, Forester, Department of Agriculture - I presume it was the Provincial Department.

In his article on Selective Cutting versus Clear Cutting he writes: "When clear cutting is practiced many trees are cut that would have been worth twice as much if they had been allowed to grow a few more years. When selective cutting is practiced the trees are removed when they are most valuable and the smaller trees are allowed to remain until they have reached their greatest value. Thus it can be seen that the maximum value is obtained when selection cutting is practiced. Clear cutting on the other hand yields the minimum value. As long as clear cutting is practiced there can be no guarantee that the lumber industry will be permanent and the quality of number will always be inferior and of low value. A policy of selective cutting and thinning of woodland would elevate the lumber industry to a place of importance in this Province".

It sounds pretty basic. Go out today and buy a wood lot and be good to it. You will never regret it and it will give you great joy.

Written Friday, April 28, 2000 at 03:35 PM

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