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John Steinbeck Has Gone Overseas For Guardian Readers

A headline like that draws your attention and it did when I was reading the Guardians of 1943. For almost two months John Steinbeck reported the war: mostly dear poignant things: how the bagpipes greet the US Troops in Britain, about the names the Bombers put on their planes and about the dogs they owned that waited for their return... And about how minesweeper men hate to see blasts kill fish and about William the alcoholic goat. Almost every article was begun with the statement "Special to The New York Herald Tribune and Charlottetown Guardian" What does it mean? It is peculiar. There were many other war correspondents in the newspapers of the day and a number of syndicated articles that don't note anything like that. We're doing some research on the subject, but we need help.

Written Friday, April 21, 2000 at 10:47 PM

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