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Walter Jones' Cows

Walter Jones was one of our most colourful premiers. He was the farmers' premier and he himself had a wonderful farm over in Bunbury. It still shows signs of his touches. He landscaped that farm. The trees in the hedge rows were choosen ones, the lane up to the house[that is now gone], the tree shelter to the north and the protective planting along the river banks. Take a look quickly these touches will no doubt soon be gone. Jones was famous for his herd of Holsteins. "Abegweit Milady" was the most famous one. She was world champion twice "...for 305 day production of 1,085 pounds of butterfat from 24,939 pounds milk" when she was a 4-year-old. That is production - and without any genicially altered business. In a Guardian article from December 1944 we learned of the death of another Abegweit - Abegweit Bluebell. She was old, but Grand Champion she had been "she bore nine calves, one of which died at birth and all of the others sold for $6,060. One bull son heads a herd at a Trappist Monastry in Manitoba, Four of his daughters were sold for $5,610 and one of the sons was sold last month for $10,750. Another heads the Curtis Candy Company Chicago. Her grandsons and granddaughters will number a hundred within a year and the great grandaughters will soon number a thousand ..... " Those Abegweit genes might still be found if DNA testing checked out the Islands Holsteins today.What a sight that farm must have been in its hay day.

Written Saturday, April 22, 2000 at 06:02 PM

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