A   V I E W   F R O M   C H A R L O T T E T O W N ,   P R I N C E   E D W A R D   I S L A N D


Another poem

I promised I would add no more poems, but I could not resist this one by John of The Lilac who was John Robert Campbell from Graham's Road in 1940. So here it is. It is called Charlottetown.
Here Nature etched indeed a place of beauty
With restful vistas, viewed on every hand;
With panoramic scences of sky and water
Of red, red cliffs, of trees and fertile land:
Nursed gently on the breast of gulf's blue waters,
Upon this Crescent Isle - this land of home,
Here is the wanderer's rest! The Artist's glory
This jewel radiant within the ocean's foam.
Historic buildings aging, grace our city.
Church steeples and cathedral's stately spires;
With sundrenched streets, a wealth of leafy shade -
Green foliage that flames with autumn fires.
Here parklands greet the whispering tides of ocean
With scent of leafy mould - of flower and fern;
The summer's fragrance - the autumn's fiery grandeur -
All blend where thoughts' great pyre of memories burn.
Within time's loom in Charlottetown were woven
The robes of nationhood that gown our land!
The golden bonds of unity from North to South -
From East to West which nation's form have spanned!
This lullaby with ocean's ebb and flowing,
Sings of our Island dear where beauties blend!
For here within this peaceful cherished haven
Is Charlottetown - Her Capital - Your friend.

Written Sunday, April 16, 2000 at 07:45 PM

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