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Advice from the eldest sister

A few days ago one of my sisters -- the one that owns a piece of land on Saturna Island with the best architecturally-designed privy in the Gulf Islands and who does not want her name in cyberspace -- called me to ask my advice on a cleaning matter since one of our other sisters is going to be visiting them over Easter.

Her question was whether I used Kleenex or a J-Cloth to do my serious cleaning.

I, of course, told her I use Kleenex generally but for serious times I use a damp J-cloth. And then I added if it was the floor, I sometimes used my sock foot and simply, carefully in Sally Brayely Bliss- ballet-style, move along the nooks and corners of the area that need to be addressed at the moment.

She seemed satisfied with my sisterly advice and I hung up very proud to have helped -- and loving her dearly for asking.

By the way Saturna Island is were CBC Bill Richardson found his mascot for The Sad Goat. Yes Millie, or is it Sadie, the virtual sad goat was declared official by Senator Pat Carney who also lives on that Island too.

Next time I visit Saturna Island with my Victoria family I must see that goat. In the meantime I will find out if Bill Richardson's dog Alice Jane is a West Highland Terrier like my Nellie. The dog that Harry Holman says 'looks like, acts like me' and suggests that we should both be on a lead and muzzled! Well, maybe that's a good idea. Love to all. P.S. I forgot to mention the usefulness of the subscription cards in the magazines for picking up dirt of the floor. I mentioned this to Betty on our discussion on cleaning. These cards have the right weight to do the trick. Just take two and scissor them and they work perfectly. And what a supply!

Written Saturday, April 22, 2000 at 06:10 PM

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