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Grand Provincial Cultural Exhibition

The history of Exhibitions date back to the 18th century. The first National Exhibition of England was held in 1761 under the auspices of the Society of Arts. In 1789, France began her National Exhibition under the patronage of Napoleon. Other countries followed and it lead to the first International Exhibition at London in 1851. Then there was the one in Philadelphia in 1876.

It is said that these exhibitions haved "proved potent factors in the advancement of civilization". It was not long before smaller places held there own exhibitions. PEI was holding exhibitions as early as 18... and here is what the newspapers of the day said:

"in our own Island Exhibitions have done much to educate the people in agriculture and other industries. Any person who has been witnessing our shows for the past twelve years must see the steady advance which has taken place, especially in the agricultural departments. Our Annual Exhibitions since they were held at Holland Grove are like milestones in the path of progress, showing clearly our advance in the industrial arts, and in those agricultural pursuits, the successful prosecution of which is so essential to the prosperity of our country. We have no doubt that THE GRAND PROVINCIAL EXHIBITION of 1882 which is to take place in this city, will prove second to none of its predecessors in the excellence of its display, the numbers who will attend it, and benefits which it will yield both to the manufacturer, the agriculturist, and the public at large."
Think of all of this as the GRAND PROVINCIAL CULTURAL EXHIBITION and reread the above. What an asset it would be to us all and what a face it would put on the Cultural scene of Prince Edward Island! It would be the biggest Show and Tell event on this Island.

Written Thursday, April 13, 2000 at 12:39 AM

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