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No Smoking

Yesterday The Smoke Free Places Act came into effect on PEI. No public places like bars and restaurants can have smoking sections unless they construct a very specially ventilated room and they can't serve food or drinks in it. It is a progressive step. It has taken a long time, especially when you consider the article I read in the December 19, 1914 Guardian: "A regular attendant at the Charlottetown market has called the Guardian Office in reference to the large amount of smoking which is indulged in in the market proper, during market days. Especially at the noon hour is the smoke mos objectionable, when large crowds of men may be seen standingoutside and around the meat stalls smoking and expectorating, notwithstanding the facts that "No smoking etc." signs are posted in prominent places....." That wonderful old market and all the regulars there ... Mrs. Johnson, the Fords and many others whose names I forget. With all the smells in that place I never appreciated that smoke wasn't among them.

Written Wednesday, June 04, 2003 at 10:54 PM

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