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Another Poem

Brooke Astor lives in New York. She loves New York and has done many good things for it - like planting a "host of golden daffodils" and all kinds of other things to add beauty and encourage the arts. Here's a poem I found in the New Yorker once; it is called DISCIPLINE.
I am old and I have had more than my share of good and bad
I've had love and sorrow, seen sudden death, been left alone, of love bereft.
I thought I'd never love again and felt my life was grief and pain.
Twixt life and death the edge was thin, then I discovered discipline: I learned to take the good and bad and smile whenever I felt sad.
I learned to care a great deal more for the world aboutme than before, began to forget both "me" and "I" and joined in life as it rolled by.
This may not mean sheer ecstasy but it's better far than "I" and "me".

Written Tuesday, April 11, 2000 at 09:21 PM

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