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Dark Sky Week

I've been a member of The International Dark Sky Association for a number of years now. I love being at a meeting and contributing to the discussion like this "As a member of the International Dark Sky Association, I would like to add.....". It has been a stopper. But I am a serious member of that Association - a deep believer. Last fall I had a call from a young man who works for CFCY who asked me about the association. He, too, had come around to believe we were contaminating the earth in yet another way. I loaned him all my newsletters and told him as much as I believed I had no time - nor energy - for more causes unfortunately. I would just have to continue bring up the subject within my own circle of causes.<> God bless him, he, his name is Brian Roach, has gone to some government people, but more importantly he went to the Island Nature Trust. He asked Kate McQuarrie to take up the issue with her board. Last fall they declared 2500 acres, their holdings on PEI, as Dark Sky Reserves. That is wonderful. I told Kate today she could add 130 more acres because my farm in Fort Augustus is a Dark Sky Reserve.<> This week is National Dark Sky Week and I think it would be a great gift to the world for more people to work on toning down light. I have my causes. The street I live on in town is ridiculous. I can read the Guardian out there any night of the year. Victoria Park is a disgrace with 360 degree lights over those softball fields, but the worst of all is the newly built Island's Waste Management Plant in Brookfield, which is certainly ironic. All this when our energy costs have just gone up 13%. <> Most of the overdose is just plain thoughtless and if someone is at a table at the right time they can do some good or you can just begin at home. Think about it and to learn more check the Association's web set at www.darksky.org.

Written Thursday, April 03, 2003 at 10:00 PM

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