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Community Concerts

When we were kids we would have season tickets to the Community Concert Series held each year. Theses concerts were organized back in 1932 and ran until the Confederation Centre opened and then a number of things changed - sometimes at a loss. These concerts were directed locally by group of music lovers and, internationally, by The Columbia Concerts Company with some connections with Columbia Recording business. They said they had 90% of the worlds great artists and to tell the truth they probably did. The deal was that each October our local group would hold a membership drive and you had to have that membership as there were no single ticket sales at the door. They promised quality and at least three concerts each year. We never knew what we were going to hear. It was after the membership drive that the local committee had to make the choices depending on how many memberships they sold and I suppose to some degree who other Maritime centres were choosing. We thought they were all wonderful. We hear harpists, John Knight, The Trapp Family, Leopold Simoneau, Michael Rhodes, The Longines Symphonette and the Danish National Orchestra - just to mention a few. The concerts would be held at Prince of Wales College gym which couldn't have been acoustical great, but we didn't know the difference. The gym would be full. It was a fine introduction to good music. We owe a lot to the local organization - people like Mrs Keith Rogers, Lillian MacKenzie, Art McInnis and lots of others.

Written Friday, March 28, 2003 at 09:15 AM

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