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Follow Up on Canada Day

Altho' the weather man spoke of dark clouds, some rain and a thunder storm, it was a glorious day. The Mayor got his small bauld spot burnt red attending the noon day event at Confederation Centre and Province House. Sam, the Record Man had a dashing hat on and it did not worry him. The Lieut-Governor was under an awning. The Centre Company performed beautiful and the Boys Choir from Montreal joined in. The formal declaration at the front of Province House - that place where the Fathers of Confederation met in 1864, so it is always meaningful. After it was over I captured The Mayor and his wife, The Chairman of The Centre Board and UPEI President Wade - the other VIP's slipped through my net - to officially raise a flag on my new flag pole. After cooling refreshments, it took the Mayor and I four attempts to get the flag right side up. It now flies gloriously in my backyard where it can be seen from both Sydney and Dorchester Streets.

In the evening a number of friends gathered at my place for turkey etc. until it was time for the fireworks to happen on the waterfront. It was a wonderful Canada Day and we have plans to repeat it next year.

I await now the report from Saturna Island.

Written Tuesday, July 02, 2002 at 09:39 PM

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