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A Year Ago

A year ago tonight I became #2522 in the Order of Canada. It was a grand occasion and those days in Ottawa with my family and friends Gary, Grace and all the others we saw will always remain special.

I want to say how proud I have been of Her Excellency in all the events that have been so incredibly emotional this past year. She rises to every occasion. We are lucky to have her. I hope we can bring her and her consort to Charlottetown for some specially significant role in celebrating what Birthplace of Confederation is really about. Personally I like Country Evolving best.

I was particularly proud to be joined in that Order of Canada fraternity this past year my three Island friends; Artist and art promoter Henry Prudy and two others whom I cared deeply about and who died after they were appointed, but before they were installed: Bill Hancox who came here to be Publisher of the Guardian and stayed on to be a great supporter of the arts and one time executive-director of the Confederation Centre - to say nothing of his involvment in the establishing of the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade and Race, and my friend from Tignish, Henry Gaudet who pushed that community to care for its' history away beyond what it wanted to do. I'm sorry they missed the party.

There one thing I must say about an award like this; it puts the pressure on you to do better and I am trying every day.

Written Friday, May 31, 2002 at 08:30 PM

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