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More on Houle

I found the write up on Ruby Houle's Anne of Green Gables. It was presented by Trinity Young People's Union in November 1944. It was most successful. Connie Martin played Anne Shirley and Dorothy Allen and Peter MacDonald played Marilla and Matthew. Others in the cast that we know or remember today were Grace Diamond, Wilma Watts, Fred Norton, Louise Brown etc. It must have been quite the production. Between the first and second act young ladies sang "When its Summertime at Green Gables"

In 1920 Anne was on the movie screen. "Anne of Green Gables has been picturized and was an attraction in movie shows in New England and California..." It had been filmed in Dedham , Mass. We seem to have come a long way.

Written Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 11:02 PM

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