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A New Federal Building

W-O-W what an announcement today. Our Federal MP's flew into town with Solicitor General, Lawrence MacAulay in the lead and accompandied by Minister of Public Works, Mr. Boudria to announce the architects for the new federal building that is to be built at Halloran's Corner - north west corner of Fitzroy and University over to Euston. The announcement was exciting enough because they told us this was going to be a ground-breaking building in sustainable development. There had been a wide proposal call and we knew they had received about 14 or so proposals and that they had narrowed it down to four and today we were to learn to whom. Imagine our excitement when Mr. Boudria announced that our own firm of Bergmark, Guimond,Hammarlund, and Jones were the successful ones. They are joined by the Toronto firm of Urbana Architects Corp, a member of the Hok Canada Group of Companies !!!!! The old days of simple calling an architectural firm after the players seems to be out of vogue in bigger places. Anyway the room full of Islanders were pretty happy that our Islanders had made it big-time.

It is especially nice because Bergmark and Hammarlund were just out of MIT when they came to PEI to work on The Arc - that experimental project of sustainable living in Little Pond, near Souris back in the 70's. So what goes around comes around you could say about those two. The speechs were great. Both ministers were happy and Shawn Murphy gave us a little history lesson on the Federal buildings we have had in Charlottetown since we entered Confederation and Mayor George MacDonald was some happy to have this sizeable building - first of all being designed and built in Charlottetown with all the jobs that will provide - and then to have confirmed the Federal Government jobs right in our downtown.

It will be great to watch the design of this building evolve. Don't expect a "snap on age building", but get excited about a fine contemporary building in our midst. A building where "form will follow function" . Its going to be fun. My thanks, good luck and love to all who worked so hard to put this project together in this very special community. Those architects are some lucky to make such a contribution to our urban landscape.

This project will truly help to celebrate Charlottetown's 150 years of incorporation in 2005!!!!

Written Tuesday, May 07, 2002 at 05:57 PM

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