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Ruby Houle

Ruby Houle lived on the corner of Hillsborough and Sydney Streets. She was the watch dog of Hillsborough Square. I thought of her this morning as I took of for the archivies. I just live up tSydney Street from her house and around the corner from where my sisters and I grew up. We knew Ruby Houle and respected her and were frightened into being proper when she was around. I remember we were draw with chalk on the side walk one day when she came along and she just turned right into our house to report our activities to our mother. Ruby was a pillar of Trinity Church and the Rebecca Group [I think}. She was big into elocution and was a big player in drama in the city. She put on Anne of Green Gables at Heartz Hall some time in the late 30's- early 40's. So you can see just how progressive she was. She was straight-backed and firm in her carriage. You knew she meant business. She'd sit in her porch and watch for some kid to do the wrong thing and she was on the phone to the police. At a public meeting at City Hall last year, I told them about her and said I was taking over as the watch dog of Hillsborough Square. I must start growling more. The square certainly isn't one of our best in the city.

Today I was read of the death of Edward Whelan - the great politician and editor of the early Examiner. Altho he did not attend the Charlottetown Conference, he did attend at Quebec and therefore is regarded as Father of Confederation. He lived on the site of Ruby Houle's house and died there, as a matter of fact. He died in December 1867 and not long after his house burnt and most of his papers were lost.

Written Monday, May 06, 2002 at 08:35 PM

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