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Easter Greetings

It would be difficult to say Happy Easter today with the state of things in the middle east. Janet[Ari]Dale is in Isreal practicing medicine and wearing fatigues [is that how you spell them?]. It is a worry.

Today most people my age are remembering where they were in 1939 when the King and Queen came to visit. I know Johanna was in the up-stairs window in Wellner's Jewellery Store on Sunnyside and Kate MacDonald in a white dress with a blue coat was somewhere on Grafton Street and Betty and I with our Uncle Clair, who was a dentist on Bay State Road in Boston, where on the corner of Richmond Street and Great George. It was pouring rain and the Royal Couple where on their way back to the ship at the end of the Marine Wharf.

I was at a garden party at Govenment House the last The Queen Mother visited PEI and it was a wonderful day at that glorious place. I think all our parents loved that women and it is apparent by all the tributes today that they were not alone.

I'll add schedule of the '39 Royal Visit later.

Well here I am again and with the Offocial Itinerary of the Royal Visit of '39.

The Royal Couple arrived at the Marine Wharf at 12:30 on June 14th and were greeted by Lieut. Governor and Mrs. DeBlois, Premier and Mrs Thane Campbell, Mayor and Mrs Foster then they drove up Great George Street to Province House and a few others - you know Prime Minister MacKenzi King went everywhere with them all over Canada and even into the USA.

At Province House The Premier gave the official welcome on behalf of PEIslanders and The Mayor "handed" his address to His Majesty on behalf of the Citizens of the City. [Can you imagine the negotiations other that detail]. Her Majesty was presented a bonquet by, I think Virginia. Is that right?. Members of Goverment and their wives were presented.

The Royal Party then drove to Government House for a luncheon. Lieut. Governor DeBlois and decorated Government House beautifully with hundreds of geraniums. Then the rains came and the wonderfully planned Garden Party was so confused. All the well planned outfits were put to an extrordinary test.

By 4 o'clock the party was to leave and return to their ship. Streets were lined to and from Government House and the day altho' an umbrellaed one, with hundreds of wilted geraniums, has long been remembered in the minds of many Islanders.

His Majesty's reply to the Premiers greeting was " It has been good to see the enviable conditions in which members of the different races dwell here as citizens of Canada and The British Commonwealth of Nations. Their life exhibits the blessings which abound where democratic principles flourish in an atmosphere of tolerance and goodwill". This statement is worth pondering during this week-end of world events. How sure are we that we understand how fortunate we are in this country.

Now I must go and have a gin and tonic in honour of The Queen Mother and cook something from Mrs Beeton's Cookbook.

Written Monday, April 01, 2002 at 10:58 PM

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