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The Garrison Ball

Fifty one years ago last night I went with Sidney Campbell to my first formal dance - yes Harriette and Alex, Sydney Campbell, your first cousin! It is no wonder we relate to one another!. It was at the Charlottetown Hotel and I thought that we would dance all evening. Instead we spent a lot of the evening upstairs in a series of suites where various and asunder couples socialized, and mainly drank, in a setting that was out side the pale so to speak in those days. Sydney and I were rather naive and we just moved around from group to group while I asked myself why we were not downstairs dancing. Those were my pre-gin and tonic days for sure. The most memorable part of the evening - besides Sydney - was that I met Bennett Carr that night and we have crossed paths many times since and as the years go by I like him better all the time. Well now that I think of it there was no other way than up. Those were his pre-Jean days!!! Sydney and I had met in third year Prince of Wales and I do believe we were fellow tutored-sudents of Mildred Harrington - someone I must write about someday soon.

Written Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 09:29 PM

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