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The Hillsborough River

Away back in 1986, I got concerned about the Hillsborough River. My little house at Cranberry Wharf sits on its banks and its history spoke to be each morning as I sat at breakfast. What a history. It is our major settlement river and it was THE main road on the Island for years and years before any of us were thought of. It has an archeological story to tell that has hardly been touched. It has an Acadian story that is still being written. [My friend Earl Lockerby is working now on the Battle of the Hillsborough which I hope will appear in print before too long. It was a battle between the Acadians and the British that is hardly know about]. Later we had The Glenaladale Settlers in 1770 and the Monaghan Settlers from 1830 on and many others in between.

In the early nineties a group of us got together to begin a push to get The Hillsborough designated as one of Canada's Heritage Rivers. Our mission statement reads: This organization recognizes the Hillsborough River's wide variety of values, including human, natural and recreational. It is dedicated to the betterment of the River through appropriate actions which identify, nurture and enhance existing and new avenues for any development and management of the River compatible with its natural and cultural values>

The River was designated as a Heritage River in July 1997. To better understand its qualities you can have a look at The Heritage River Series on The Discovery Channel, Monday March 18th at 10:30 p.m here in the Maritime. They will be focusing on the Hillsborough that night and you could well see someone you know on the program.

Written Sunday, March 17, 2002 at 12:38 PM

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