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Friends of The Farm

The Home Farm

a document approved by the members

March 4, 2002

The Friends of The Farm came together seven years ago to contemplate the future of "The Home Farm" that was understood, sometime soon, to be declared surplus. The Friends recognized this important site to be of great significance to all Islanders - urban and rural - and that its future offered extraordinary opportunities to leave a legacy on this Island for our childrens' children. With the circumstances that have occurred recently, we have reviewed our proposal and have come to the following conclusions:

* The professional development of a master plan for the site, taking into consideration the natural and historic qualities of the site, the vistas and the emphasizing of good conservation of land, air and energy is of critical importance.

* A complete assessment of the farm buildings with a strong consideration to the efficient re-use of some of them. This would also mean a complete understanding of the Federal Heritage Building Review Offices's protection that exists for Ravenwood itself.

* The traffic access to the site must be reviewed, along with the economic ramifications. The Friends would want to minimize the impact of these necessities on the landscape and residents in the area. This would also provide the opportunity to review the parking needs of the entire site. These issues should be addressed with a complete understanding of the Traffic Study that has recently been completed and the City's Transportation Study that is to go to a public meeting toward the end of March.

* The Friends must work in co-operations with The Rails to Trails, the Federal, Provincial and City Governments and the Department of Tourism to establish this important green space as significant in the mind set for the Capital City.

* That a feasibility study must be begun immediately into the merit of establishing a botanical garden and arboretum in the Capital City of The Garden of The Gulf

. * That recognition must be given to the fact that the present site for the aquatic/ice complex in the "middle of the garden" is less than appropriate and encouragement must be given to ever effort to return it to the corner of University and Belvedere where minimal interference on the farm site would occur.

* That The Friends of The Farm do not stand against the development of the aquatic/rink complex, but feel that the time has come for the needs of the passive recreation people and those interested in parks and gardens should also be supported and that this site allows for all to work together to build a fine legacy for the future.

* The preservation of the Farmers' Market in its present location if that is the desire of their executive.

* That an understanding be arrived at as to how The Farm complements and supports the Parks Canada site at Ardgowan and as to whether their interperative needs could involve certain aspects, and uses, of the Farm site.

* The Friends of The Farm support a sympathetic development of a non-commercial nature along Belvedere Avenue while maintaining a stronger empathized green link with the University. The Friends recognize that it would be necessary to introduce a protective stand for Mount Edward Road while encouraging a stronger link with Ardgowan.

* The lighting of the Farm site and any development that occurs around the perimeter must be approached with concern for the guidelines set out by International Dark Sky Association.

Executive Friends Of The Farm

Chair Dr. Lloyd MacLeod Vice-chair Judge Ken MacDonald Secretary-Treasure Dr. Bert Christie Directors Connie MacKay Carr Catherine Hennessey Laurie Lee Howard Gordon MacInnis

Written Friday, March 08, 2002 at 12:18 PM

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