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Hockey Hockey

The Men's Hockey game is about to start at Salt Lake City and stop our country while we all watch. If they are half as good as the women were, we'll win. I want you all to know - in case you don't - that Cassie Campbell the Captain of the Women's team is rooted in Park Corner and therefore a relative of Lucy Maude Montgomery. A couple-of-cousin-once-removed, I think. Her grandmother, Ruth had a belief back in the 60's that she had a responsibility to save the old farm house in Park Corner where LMM use to visit and, indeed, was married in the parlour. I'm sure she never foresaw the success that the site would reach. It is gentle spot. They even hold weddings there now and people come from Japan to be married in the parlour where LMM was married.

Written Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 04:08 PM

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