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Eighty-Six Years Old on the 4th

From the April 6th 1914 Examiner - "The new Gents Furnishings store "The Haberdashery" Messrs Henderson and Cudmore, proprietors, opened for business on Saturday. Many people were attracted by the very handsome and tastily dressed window which reflected good judgment and skill of no small order of Mr. Cudmore. The goods in the store are well displayed from modern shelves and the prospective customer is enabled to see at a glance just what he requires. The Haberdashery had a very encouraging trade on Saturday night and will no doubt secure a fair share of the ever growing business in their line." A good prediction. It is a firm that has been a leader in the retail business - and continues to be - and it has given much to our community.

Written Tuesday, April 04, 2000 at 10:09 PM

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