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Griswold, a civil servant

Working as a higher level civil servant is a learning experience; frustrating, challenging and above all a sociological and psychological experience. A person can react by developing an incredible degree of patience, compassion, conform to those around you, grow shifty eyes, fight uselessly or laugh. If you are apolitical, moral and out to change the world for the greater good, you will last awhile, but somewhere in your life you must have a secure spot where you can run, and a partner who understands - and you have to use that humour a lot. It helps if you become intellectual or can pull out a quotation that is appropriate for the occasions that become tight at times.

I was to a memorial service today for Sandy Griswold. The church - St Peter's - was packed. Sandy has been a civil servant for a long time. He came over from Nova Scotia [even tho' he had Elm Avenue roots] back in the days of the Economic Development Plan - that was in the 1970's. Since then he has worked and answered to different politicians on all levels. He worked with ACOA the last few years.

Sandy was the kind of person you could take an abstract dream to and he'd talk it out and you'd come away believing he had been researching the subject. too. It is hard for one on the outside to say what role he played in the improvements in our community, but I think quite a big one and obviously a church full of people did, too. I wish I remembered his quotes, but I do remember his dog stories and that's good enough for me. I'm going to go and have tea with Heather and she will remind me.

Written Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 12:35 PM

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