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A Christmas Treat

In our Christmas Stockings, my sisters and I very given each a small bottle of Grey Goose Vodka from Pat Petrie in Calgary. The National Post last fall rated it as the very best vodka. Well my brother-in-law, Claude, made martinis with them and they were something else. Go try some and let me know if I'm right because it could have been the mixer of the martini or the grand company at the time.

The Summerside Saunders gave us an elegant bottle of Cave Spring Indian Summer - a sweet dessert wine. Their daughter works with those people in Jordon, Ontario. My sisters, knowing about those things, went out and bought a mixture of fine fruits and Betty, from Victoria, had taken home a big hunk of Rogers chocolate as a special treat. After our dinner one night we had the wine, the fruit and curls of chocolate. What a delectable way to end a meal. About that wine, I think you have to go to Jordon to get it, but I'd say it would be worth the trip.

Written Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 12:38 PM

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