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Peter Gzowski [1934-2002]

It just has to be our age or all the things that have happened in the last few months - September 11th, Henderson and Cudmores closing, the fact that they are going to f... up our Victoria Park - and now Peter Gzowski has died. We grew up and strenthened our Canadianism with that man and I am very sad...very sad. He connected us with all our friends across this country. So tonight I have turned on all of the SIX [poor] radios that I have in this house - loud - and I am listening his tribute. His Hymn Sing that was so memorabilla with Michael Brugess, Molly Johnson and everyone that we all sang along with so many years ago on a cold Canadian morning. So I know we are all joining with them tonight and singing How Great Thou Art and, now, it's I Am Weak And You Are Strong ... A Closer Walk with Thee..... and now When the Trumpet Sounds Up Yonder... etc., etc.. What a program. What a tribute. I am sure we are all joined together with great sadness on the loss of this great Canadian. I hope CBC is up to continuing the quality that has been set.

Written Friday, January 25, 2002 at 05:14 AM

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