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Dark-Sky Association

I have just received my second newsletter from the International Dark-Sky Association and I very much recommend it to any of you who have the same concerns. When I look at the new lighting on the renovated liquor store on University Avenue or the street lighting on my very own street it occurs to me that this Association needs a PEI branch. "For most people on earth, the dark skies our ancestors had have disappeared ... the problem is urban glow, due mostly to too much bad lighting" This is a organization that concerns themselves with " trashy looking, confusing nighttime environment". Some of us have had the joy of sky watching in a dark country setting and it is breath- taking - and spiritual. Lets shine the light down where it is needed and get rid of bad light design - save money and see more sky. You, too can become a member by sending $30.00 to IDA, 3225 North First Avenue, Tucson, Az. 85719-2103 or just simply check their web site at www.darksky.org. Once you start thinking about this issue it begins to hit you and you can't let go.

Written Tuesday, April 04, 2000 at 10:08 PM

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