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Rudyard Kipling 1865-January 18, 1936

I was first introduced to Rudyard Kipling by my father who was a big fan and could recite passages of his poems likely from The Barrack Room Ballads and by Roy Smallman or Raoul Reymond who would sing The Road to Mandalay. Years ago I walked around Kipling's house outside Brattleboro Vermont and thought how my father would have enjoyed that experience. Later I wondered whether his days at McGill in the late teens, when Stephen Leacock [1869-194..] and Sir Andrew McPhail[1864-1938] must have been a strong presence, would be some influence. Only last winter did I learn a connection between Sir Andrew and Kipling. A March 1908 Toronto News announced that Kipling " was going to spend the coming summer on the red soil of PEI." with Andrew McPhail, but the March 31st Daily Examiner stated that altho' McPhail was a close friend of Kiplings, the rumour hadn't started with him and he didn't expect it to happen. He went on to say how shy Kipling was and how he needed time to himself.... Anyway that was a couple of years before Kipling won the Nobel Prize for Literature so wouldn't we have enjoyed having him.

Written Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 09:52 PM

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