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Happy Birthday Ole

What a party. Great music with Scott Parsons,Schurman, Mike Mooney Joey Weale etc, etc... nice space altho' you couldn't hear yourself think ... food and more food and, of course, the bar. It was at Keir's Gallery on Victoria Row. Above where Reddin's use to be and likely where the V Club was in the 40's. Anyway the people were there from one end of the Island, almost, to the other, at least from Abraham's Village to Launching and Woodville Mills, Lower Montaque, Hunter River ... and Rice Point and Summerside and Primrose. There were back-to-the-landers, retired lawyers, a dentist, lots of writers and a conservator - and those architects! I even met someone from Kalamazoo, Michigan who lives here now because his mother was an Acorn from down east - you know the ones who had the great draft horses!!!! And , of course, there were lots of people from Upper Prince Street, Water Street, Sydney and even Brighton. Then there were Ole's two litters. The first group from Phillie, Martha,s Vineyard, Salt Lake City and Western Mass who joined Lief [with mother Karen Lipps] from PEI. Those siblings truly must be an inspiration to him altho' I bet they don't speak french. I left early [well after 11 o'clock] because I knew if I stayed any longer I would go over the top. The dancing was great. Everything was great. Now you might well ask how a man from Denmark with clogs and the name of Hammarlund came to PEI. It is not exactly an Island name. In the mid 1970's there was an ark built at Spry Point, PEI. It represented the energy efficient trend of the times. The "live lightly on the land" as Pierre Trudeau described it. The small-is-beautiful era. The Ark, a self-sufficient unit that should have been declare a Heritage Site was allowed, by the province, to be torn down a few years ago. What a shame. Anyway Ole and David Bergmark followed John Todd's dream soon after they had graduated in architecture from MIT. Todd an interesting cat was one of the New Alchemy group at Wood's Hole on Cape Cod that described themselves as dedicated to "seeking solutions that can be adopted by individuals and small groups who are trying to create a greener, kinder world". Doesn't that sound nice and shouldn't we be re-dedicating ourselves to such a cause every day of our lives. Anyway that is what brought Ole Hammarlund to PEI, along with his present partner David Bergmark, and both have stayed on and are part of an architectural firm doing very good work on this Island. Ole and I meet often at various public meetings[and social occasions,too] and I must say there have been very few times that we are not on the same wave length and that is saying something for me. Happy, happy 60's Ole.

Written Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 05:34 PM

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