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Happy New Year Everyone

The year has a great sound - 2002 - and as one of my friend's said you can write it either forward or backwards and it says the same thing! My Crowd did the levees on New Years Day and it was a wonderful experience...and so tradional. We've been holding levees on this Island for years and years. All our early Lieut-Governors were welcomed to this Island by the Upper Echelon holding levees as a welcome to the colony. Now they are generally held only on New Years Day. Needless to say it was always just the men...that is until our friend Janet Dale broke the tradtion in Lieut-Governor Gordon Bennet's time...about 1976 or so It shocked us all, but since then we have not looked back and New Year's Day has become a busy day of activities for all. We always start the day at Fanningbank, the residence of the Lieut-Governor and then, in more recent years as the custom expands, we stop at Beaconsfield to pay our respects to the board of the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation, then we stop at the Charlottetown Hotel to greet the UPEI President, Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Alumini. Then we go to City Hall. It is wonderful. Everyone is so happy - shaking hands, kissing and generally wishing everyone well. There is music and cake and drinks and if you want to keep going you can go to Queen Charlotte Navy Barrack for clam chowder and moose milk, visit the army, the RC bishop, the Legion etc, etc, ending your day at the Premier's reception that takes place at Confederation Centre in the late afternoon. Now if you are excepted to cook a fine New Years Day Dinner you have to stop somewhere along the way and get home to work, but to tell the truth manys the fine dinner has been missed by those who just spent too much time leveeing. For us at 222 it was different because New Years Day is also sister Betty's birthday so we stopped early to prepare a fine roast beef dinner for Betty and Claude, sister Mary Claire and Claude's sister Grace who joined us for the week after Christmas from Ottawa. We were also joined by Beth and Brian Cudmore. It was a very fine evening with the added addition of oysters, champagne and birthday cake. We have all dedicated ourselves to do our best in 2002 and we begin by offering our special blessings to all.

Written Thursday, January 03, 2002 at 09:34 PM

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