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Happy Christmas to All

My little house at 222 is a busy, happy spot this Christmas Season with my sister Mary Claire here from Calgary and Betty with her husband Claude here from Victoria. The house is working very well for all of us and Nellie the dog and Rosie and Ruby the cats. They really think they have "died and gone to heaven" with all the attention, food and walks they are getting. Even the kitchen is working well and the production level is truly exceptional with three sisters competing for culinary accolades. It is hard to believe that such a cozy litle house could have been so neglected for so many years and so we are happy to have it aglow for this wonderous season... and to think it is just around the corner from where we spent so many of our childhood Christmas. We have been musing at the Christmas mornings of our youth when we were not allowed near the tree/into the parlor until our father came home from making his calls and depending on how many sick people there would be, we might not get in to see our gifts until nearly noon... and often Santa Clause would come to take the key from above the parlor door so we could get in. Santa Clause was the famous Austie Trainor, a close friend of our families altho' we didn't know they were one and same until we "got older" [I wouldn't dare say how old I was} We just blissfully felt Santa went to everyones house!!!! Anyway we have been thinking of many friends and many times and greatly enjoying our first Christmas on PEI together for many, many years. Love to all and my promise is that I shall get back in the swing of communicating again ... something I will look forward to.

Written Tuesday, December 25, 2001 at 11:17 PM

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