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A Horse Story for John Cousins

Delivery Horse Dies: A white horse which hauled a milk delivery vehicle in this city, winter and summer, for the past 17 years dropped dead yesterday on Prince Street. He was Jim, owned by the Garden City Dairy and was the first delivery horse the firm bought when it began business here in 1926. Jim knew his job thoroughly and knew every house and store where milk was delivered on his route. All he needed was someone to handle the bottles, he did the rest, turning around at the end of streets, stopping in front of doors and always keeping a watchful eye on his driver. If the latter was delayed Jim did not move on to the next place until the driver was ready. He reached a comparatively ripe old-age for a horse, being about 24. He started work as usual this morning but dropped dead before he finished the morning round. .... The Guardian, March 3, 1944. One wonderful January Sunday in the 40's my father went to Walker's Livery Stable on King Street and hired a horse and sleigh for the afternoon. He had three very excited little girls, Ruby who grew up on the Smith Road and knew about horses and himself "who couldn't even change a tire". I think we must have hired Jim. We wanted to go out on the river, but not Jim, he had his route and we had to follow it. It took all of Ruby's Smith Road training to even go around Victoria Park........ I wonder what happened on Prince Street that day in March and how the neighbourhood handled it.

Written Wednesday, March 22, 2000 at 05:32 PM

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