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Happy Canada Day

From Saturna Insland where sister Betty and husband, Claude and Claude's sister Grace [from Ottawa]are celebrating Canada Day at that wonderful lamb barbacue that has been happening on that Island every July first for years and years, to Banff where Mary Claire and her friends are camping, to Charlottetown waterfront where The Rukavinas and the Dental Don Stewarts and myself will be celebrating and watching fireworks and drinking and dining ... [and we might even have Gary Carrol with us] ... we are all - all over this country celebrating another year of peace and love. Blessings to all on this great Canadian Day. I'm going to begin the day making Eggs Benedict for Kate Macdonald and her friends in Souris and I am going to surprise her by sticking a flag in each of them. That will look good, won't it? Today is Nellie, my West Highland Terrier's second birthday and the both of us just returned from a trip to Boston where we had just a wonderful time with all our Boston friends. I'll write more about that later - in the meantime - Happy, Happy Canada Day.

Written Sunday, July 01, 2001 at 10:44 PM

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