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Ottawa Here We Come

The day of honours is at hand - Thursday. If you wish to see it you can watch CPAC on Saturday at either 3 or 8 Atantic Daylight Saving Time. Those who have gone before say it is quite a wonderful event. I shall report next week. The very joyful part is that my sisters, Betty from Victoria and Mary Claire from Calgary, niece Mona from Victoria, also, and friend Kate MacDonald from Halifax are coming to share the time with me.[Only one can come to the installation, of course] Gary Carroll, already in Ottawa, will join us and then many other friends and professional colleagues are coming to a drop in that we are planning for Wednesday 4 to 8. Visits to the museums, the market, Tin House Square to pay tribute to my late friend Stan White and to Parliament Hill for lunch are on our schedule. We will have a wonderful reunion. Dog Nellie is being caried for by the Rogerson sisters so what more can we ask for. So to all who helped along the way I say a profound thank you and I hope I represent our cause in a manner that satisfies you all. Keep your fingers crossed.

Written Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 12:24 AM

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