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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

You know I am only a block and a half from the old Wellington Hotel on the corner of Great George Street and Sydney where from the 1820's the Feast of Saint Patrick's was celebrated in great style. It was there in April 1825 that the Benevolent Irish Society of PEI was founded and where they continued to meet for at least 20 years and where they toasted and toasted on March 17th. Just read the toasts they gave in 1840 --- The Queen, the Day, the Army and Navy, the Land we live in, the Native Benevolent Society, Lady Mary Fitzroy, the Lieut-Governor's wife, the Ladies Benevolent Society, our Loyal Fellow Subjects in the colony, Agriculture, Commerce and Fisheries, and Land of Our Forefathers - Erin go bragh. Now as if that wasn't enough they continued with a toast to the Press, the Members for Charlottetown, The Irish Emigrant, Daniel O'Connell, The Stewarts [?], The Governor General of British North America, The Chief Justice and The Bar of Prince Edward Island, the president of the Benevolent Irish Society who was then Francis Longworth and the evening continued. I wonder if the Old Dublin Pub, just a half a block further up. will do as well tonight.

Written Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 10:42 PM

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