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Beware the Ides Of March

Beware. Remenber I mentioned that we had all this snow and build up of ice and the cost of getting rid of same. Well yesterday for me it took on a whole different perspective. Three of us were enjoying a late lunch in my dining room/kitchen when we heard a gad awful noise. Investigation found my car that was parked in my very narrow driveway covered with the snow and ice from my dear neighbour's roof. Not only was it covered, but it was penetrated by both. What a mess; broken windshield, very badly dented engine bood and a very intented roof in more than one place. Jill, my nighbour and I had worked out a very civilized agreement worthy of we down-town-livers that share driveways [1/3 - 2/3's], but we never thought to cover this kind of thing. Her insurance person is talking to my insurance persons, so they'll work it out, but what a shock.

Today I was working in the kitchen when I heard a similiar sound. Dashing to the front door I found my ice on the front had slipped and landed on the sidewalk in front. Fortunately no one was passing and the car parked in front received no damage. Just luck. As I've said "Beware The Ides Of March"

Written Friday, March 16, 2001 at 09:22 AM

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